Pcounter Swipe

Pcounter Swipe is an add-on component for Pcounter (any version) that enables Secure Print Release and provides a Follow/Pull Printing Solution for any printer.

About Pcounter Swipe


The software provides a point of authentication to specified printers through network-based card readers associated with the Pcounter print queues.


All printer activity is tracked, logged, and controlled through Pcounter. After print jobs are submitted, users walk up to printer of their choice, and authenticate by swiping their card on a network card reader located near the printer.


It works with any printer, and can work for simple printers in a mixed environment of MFP's with embedded software terminals and printers. No complex integration with printer/copier hardware.


Pcounter Europe can supply the card-readers with broad range of reader technologies such as MiFare, HID, iClass, Hitag, Legic and more.

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