For any print administrator, it is essential to have a reliable print management system that works. Pcounter has +20.000 companies using Pcounter every day to handle print jobs.

Products and features overview​


Software for print job tracking, ruled based printing and secure printing



Pcounter is a scalable, network-based print and copy management software, which allows you take control of your print accounting quickly and easily.

Pcounter Web report


Pcounter Web Report 4 is the next generation reporting and analysis tool for Pcounter adding valuable analysis capabilities of the activity recorded by Pcounter

Rule based printing


Print control software can help enforce a sensible, workable print policy to reduce paper, toner and device usage dramaticially. 

Secure print


Secure Pull Printing frees users to output documents at the printer of their choice, and ensures confidentiality by only sending jobs to print when the right user is physically at the printer.  


This reduces the waste and expense of abandoned print jobs, while adding great flexibility and security.


Terminals and release stations (Pull print, Follow you)

Touch ID Hardware terminal


The Touch ID is a smart touchscreen device designed for connection to the vast majority of network-enabled copier and multi-function devices.

Card readers


Pcounter solutions support a wide variety of card reader technologies, including fully customized card readers for customer specific encryption or ID numbering schemes. 

Pcounter Swipe


Pcounter Swipe is an add-on component for Pcounter (any version) that enables Secure Print Release and provides a Follow/Pull Printing Solution for any printer.

Cash reload terminal


Accepts notes and coins

Users can add value by using notes, coins or both. The user authenticate via the student access card, which is validated against the Pcounter database.  

MFP & copier integration


Pcounter Europe offer a wide range of software embedded terminals for the leading manufactures of multifunction devices.

Management and administration

Pcounter Web Administrator


Pcounter Web Administrator (PWA), is a new and exciting Web based interface for managing Pcounter Server.

PWA is a web based managment tool for accessing and managing your Pcounter server. PWA is available securely using a web browser connection to your Pcounter Data server.


Pcounter Web Pay 2.2


Pcounter WebPay 2.2 is a locally hosted Web-based service that allows users to reload their Pcounter print/copy account via the Internet, using a credit card or other Internet-enabled payment methods.


Pcounter CDK


The Custom Data Kit (CDK) for Pcounter is a suite of tools designed to enable Distributors, System integrators and experienced end-users to integrate Pcounter with existing Information systems and business processes.

Pcounter CDK connect


CDK Connect is a middleware solution that enables Pcounter to substitute the internal user account balance database with an external RDBMS like SQL Server or Oracle, or even an external micropayment solution.

Mobile print (BYOD)


EveryonePrint can integrate with Pcounter, to ensure only authorized users can print, and that all prints are properly accounted for.

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