Rule based printing

Pcounter will reduce printing costs and wasteful printing habits with rules and restrictions.

Rule-based printing


Pcounter can help enforce a sensible, workable print policy to effect dramatic reductions of paper, toner and device usage.


Pcounter is a server-based solution that can monitor print output on any platform (PC, Mac, Novell) on devices from all the device manufacturers. 


With Pcounter you can enable management of printed pages, allowing automatic blocking, re-routing or re-scheduling of print jobs based on your defined policy:


  • Number of pages or copies

  • Document type - i.e. Internet page, Word, PDF, PowerPoint etc.

  • Size - bytes / paper size

  • Costs

  • Color / mono

  • Duplicates (Multiple clicking on the print icon)

  • If printer is down



With rules activated you can minimise print waste by ensuring no duplicate print jobs are printed when a user clicks on the print icon multiple times. 


With rules activated you can ensure print jobs are routed to the most efficient machines, and that consumables are not wasted avoiding unnecessary costs.​

With print rules activated you can ensure that users automatically follow the print policy guidelines.


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