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 +20.000 companies world wide trust us with their print jobs every day 

Whether it's print cost recovery, MFP/copier control, rule-based printing, or simple usage tracking, Pcounter offers features that are flexible for any market

What is Pcounter?
With more than 25 years of experience, we know how to track printing and eliminate waste pages, inconvenience and privacy concerns when managing print jobs.
Who uses Pcounter?
More than 20.000 companies and organizations worldwide use Pcounter, from primary schools and small offices to multinational companies and leading universities.
With more than 2 decades of knowledge, Pcounter has become the leading and most experienced tool on the market.



+25 years


Industry  leading




Make your Pcounter installation GDPR compliant

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Pcounter Web Report

Why choose Pcounter?
Because print jobs needs to be delivered, tracked and accounted for correctly.
And it needs to be fast. No one likes to wait for their prints.
Solid and scalable
Whether you have 2 printers or 2000, Pcounter can scale with your environment, serving everything from a small office to large multi-nationals or universities with tens of thousands of users. The first version of Pcounter was released in 1992 and continues to be actively developed to support the latest print technologies for thousands of organisations worldwide.
Simple and affordable
Pcounter licensing structure is simple. With Pcounter you get simple transparent server licenses, unlimited users and printers. And affordable too! Pcounter is consistently the least expensive solution in cost comparisons against competitive solutions. Have a project we need to beat? We'll do it.
At Pcounter we spend enormous resources to make products and solutions that solve complex challenges, easily.

Whether it's sophisticated secure print environments, reporting or mobile solutions, we work hard to come up with exciting products that everyone can afford and figure out.

Something you'd like which we don't have? Dare us to build it. :-)
Local language support
Pcounter has close partners in most countries, ensuring customers and local resellers can get expert sales and technical support in their own language.
Easy to get started

Whether the need is simple tracking of print activity, or more sophisticated multi-server environments, Pcounter is incredibly easy to install and manage.

A basic installation takes only minutes, and large scale deployments can be completed in just a few hours.
Open for integrations
Since the very beginning, third parties have been encouraged to develop closely integrated solutions with Pcounter.

Many companies worldwide today, offer exciting products and solutions around Pcounter, solving challenges such as cafeteria systems integration, payment systems, biometric authentication, and much more.
Multi vendor
Pcounter is a true independent multi-vendor solution, with support for virtually all manufacturers, whether it's print devices, integration to third party solutions or platforms. We work closely with partners to offer the broadest support possible.
Pcounter works with multiple brands...

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