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Pcounter Development News

New updated versions of Pcounter are available for download by users with current maintenance.

Version 2.92 for Windows (non-SQL) or v3.04 for SQL users.

For further updates, please join our Pcounter group on LinkedIn -

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new … if you’d like to discuss any of these areas, or if you need assistance with any issue, please get in touch.

  • General improvements and fixes: page count fixes for new devices and drivers

  • Improved support for Windows Server 2019

  • If you’ve not yet used Pcounter Web Administrator, we suggest you take a look. The latest version adds the ability to see Free Quota balance as well as User Account balances

  • Scan to One Drive Support (requires compatible embedded software – please check with us for details)

  • Support for EasyPay ePayment options, quick and easy to setup – note: this is a separate product and is licensed separately

You can download the latest Pcounter server software here:

Pcounter v2.92 for Windows (non-SQL)

Pcounter v3.04 for Windows SQL users

In our other non-print management areas, we have new developments of our advanced data capture and workflow solutions – if you’d like to get a personal demo of how we can automate scan, capture and data extraction within your environment, please get in touch and we will arrange a session for you.


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