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Host Pcounter in Azure

Modernise printing - Pcounter with Microsoft Azure.

How to implement easy, effective printing with Microsoft Azure and Pcounter.

We recently published a blog about Microsoft Universal Print with Pcounter - read it here

It raises questions about how to move a Pcounter setup away from on-premise servers for organisations wanting to leverage the full benefits of Microsoft 365 and Azure.

It's actually easy to do and many customers have successfully moved their Pcounter application to Azure servers (Virtual Machines) already.

Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AADDS) is the enabler.

It lets your organisation run traditional on-premise applications like Pcounter happily in your Microsoft Azure environment.

This Microsoft AADDS overview explains what it is and how it can help you:

Our technical team can help in this area by answering queries and providing information in order to assist you with the process - get in touch


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